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Campus Life

Campus life


The Student Affairs Offices is responsible for student counseling, sanitation, health, and campus security. It also oversees extracurricular activities, physical education, and sports.


1.  Scholarships

The school provides different kinds of scholarships for students with good grades or financial difficulties. For information about all scholarships and financial aid, please email life@ocu.edu.tw


2.  Counseling

Being student-oriented, the Counseling Center offers personal counseling and various individual psychological tests while also providing general class discussions on student affairs and group counseling. The center handles all counseling-related activities, including career planning, emotional management, interpersonal relationships, and gender equality education.


3.  Health care

OCU provides student health services by staffing a clinic on campus.


4.  Student activities

The Student Activity Center is the campus headquarters for student clubs and organizations that meet to share and explore a wide variety of interests and hobbies. More than 50 clubs and organizations are located in the Zhongyu Building where students can also find the Extracurricular Activities Section and the Student Union.


5.  Campus safety

OCU helps to supervise and counsel students who live off-campus or away from home. The emergency line is 04-2707-0785.